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My name is Anne and I offer online English lessons to students all over the world using Skype. I currently have students in Japan, Brazil, Italy, Hungary, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

All my lessons are personalized according to your goals and needs. I can help you with business English, grammar, speaking, listening, travel English or almost any other English skills you want to improve. I use a variety of high-quality licensed teaching materials and authentic resources which are included in the lesson price. You can read more about the lessons here

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About Me

I am a native speaker of English. I was born in New Zealand and I lived in England for over ten years. 

I have a BA in English and history and a Cert. TEFL. I have over 17 years teaching experience in schools, a university and online. I have taught general English at all levels, business English, academic English, academic writing, IELTS, and I have also taught on a teacher training course. I have been offering English lessons by Skype for the last seven years and some of my students have been studying with me since I began online lessons. See what some of my students say about the lessons here

I speak some French, German and Japanese and I am currently learning Swedish, so I understand the challenges of learning a new language.

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Lesson Types

Your lesson can focus on just one aspect (type) of English such as business English or grammar, but it can also be a combination of many different things. Each lesson is personalized for you so that you can study exactly what you want to learn or need to learn. You can also choose whether to focus on UK or US English as I am very familiar with both.


Speaking lessons will help you build your confidence, extend your vocabulary and improve fluency. You can choose the kind of topics you you would like to talk about from a wide range of contemporary topics. 


Good grammar is essential if you want to be accurate and sound natural when you speak. It's very important to know how to form a grammatical structure, but it's also important to know how and when to use it.

Business English

Business English is increasingly important these days as more and more people are required to converse in English with colleagues and clients. Lessons are planned according to your specific requirements.


Students often say that listening is the most difficult English skill. I will guide your through the listening process and give you tips to improve. You will be exposed to many different accents.


English has an idiom for almost every situation. Have fun with these sometimes strange expressions. Learn how to understand common idioms and how to use them naturally, and which idioms not to use! 

Travel English

Are you planning a trip to an English-speaking country? Improve your travel English with lessons targeting language useful for planning your vacation, airports, hotels, sightseeing and much more.

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